Our region’s Business Solutions Team has deep roots. This is a collaborative effort between the Capital Region Workforce Development Board and its local government and non-profit partners. Working together as a team, it allows us to support larger and more complex projects than individual organizations can handle. This also gives employers the bonus of being able to interact with just one person, knowing that the information is then disseminated to the entire region.

With a team of 15 organizations and an email network of over 800 workforce professionals, we’re able to handle your, recruitment, job fair, training, consultation, and outplacement needs. Our team is also frequently utilized by economic development to support businesses that are new to the region, or even new to the country. We’ll help you land on your feet.

Have you noticed a skill gap among recent job applicants? Let us know. We actively address skill gaps and build career pathways in our region to ensure you have the talent you need today and in the future. By surveying your experiences and those of your industry peers, we can pin point the issue, identify training and credentials that fill the gap, and set up cohorts of screened job seekers who will soon be ready to go to work for you.


We recognize that the economic development entities that represent the Commonwealth of Virginia and the localities of the Capital Region are doing invaluable work in helping to build our local economy through business development and outreach. A skilled workforce is of little value without local businesses, and our economic development partners are doing exceptional work to ensure the demand for the regions skilled workforce is always high. Our hope is that our combined efforts make Virginia’s Capital Region a more enticing place for companies around the world to come and do business.


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