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Fridays this month we are offering Digital Literacy Workshops from 9am – 12pm!

Visit our Richmond West center or call 804-652-3241! Attendees must register by the day before the workshop. Capacity for the workshops are limited to adhere to the health and safety for staff and attendees.

  • 8/5/2022
    • Microsoft Word I – Formatting text, bullets and alignment, setting up a document and more
  • 8/12/2022
    • Living Online – Using the world wide web to get stuff done such as shopping, buying tickets, job search and more
  • 8/19/2022
    • Microsoft PowerPoint I – Learn how to open a new or existing PowerPoint presentation, identify parts of the screen, apply or change a theme and more
  • 8/26/2022
    • Microsoft Excel I – Learn to open a workbook, identify parts of excel screen, identify sheet tabs, name worksheets, locate a cell, and more
  • 9/2/2022
    • Intro to Career Search – Identify resources that aid in finding a job, demonstrate the ability to use search and filter functions, identify steps to prepare for a job fair and more