Veterans are always a priority of services at our Workforce Center. We proudly support veterans from all branches of services in their career needs. Several career coaches specialize in placing veterans and develop relationships with employers and training program that give veterans preferential treatment. Remember, all of our services are free.

We also have benefits administrators from the Dept. of Veteran Services (DVS) working out of our Eastern Henrico center, one of 23 field offices in the state. Working next to career coaches allows these DVS staff members to do a smooth handoff for veterans who are ready to work. This seamless delivery of service ensures that veterans are able to take care of their needs in one location.


We also travels to Ft. Lee on a regular basis to support its veterans and those who are getting ready to transition. Of particular interest is DoD SkillBridge 1322.29 which states that transitioning service members (TSMs) can be released to pursue civilian job and employment training 180 days before exit.

This lines up with our timeline as we can start working with TSMs through our general and career support services. If you’re close to or within 180 days of leaving the military, we want to get started on working on any career prep, training, licensure, or other needs that you have. Our goal is that you’ll exit straight into the job that you want. To accomplish this, we have several targeted career pathways that are in high demand for our region. These pathways identify short-term education or training programs and employers who are actively hiring for those skills.

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Veteran Support Networks

Our Virginia Career Works Centers also partner with numerous other partners to ensure that veterans are taken care of.

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