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Who are we?
 Our Mission: To advance comprehensive, demand-driven, and accessible workforce
 solutions for job seekers and businesses in Virginia’s Capital Region. We do this by
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collaborating with partners, leveraging resources, and advocating for a collective impact
that benefits our community.
Our Vision: To serve as a premier gateway for workforce resources connecting people to
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 jobs, and employers to talent in Virginia’s Capital Region.
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Strategic Goals:
  1. Foster Connections, Partnerships & Collaborations
2. Identify and Regularly Validate Priority, Critical
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3. Ensure Equitable & Comprehensive Access to Workforce Development Services
4. Enhance Community/Business Awareness & Usage, and Demonstrate the Value of
VCW System & Partners
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“Always an extremely helpful
resource!” March 2022
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“Success Story”
  Samir overcame barriers, such as no income and no driver’s license to participate
in the Career Advantage Program in May 2021. Samir had hopes to move out of
the group home that he lived in. He obtained employment at Amazon and began
to set plans in motion for his career goals. After receiving his high school diploma, Samir enrolled in our program where he successfully completed it. After finishing the program, he moved on to attend Virginia State University, where he is currently enrolled as a Psychology major. Samir hopes to use his psychology degree in sports medicine and management to help athletes get through times of crisis.
Virginia Career Works is an equal opportunity program. Auxiliary aids are available on request. TDD: VA Relay Center: 711 or 800.828.1120. This report and programs described herein are fully funded using grant funds made available under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act by a 4.6 million dollar award from the US Department of Labor.

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