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Outputs and Outcomes for July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022
 Customers who are determined to be in need of additional assistance to be more successful in their job search and educational pursuits can be enrolled into more intensive
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federally-funded programs that require eligibility determinations.
Once an individual is enrolled, the local area is responsible for assisting them in achieving success as measured through performance outcomes based on employment placement, retention, wages and credentials and skills gains.
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 New program enrollments:
With the help from
• Adult Program – 230
• Dislocated Worker - 56 • Youth/Young Adult - 91
• Dislocated Worker – 113
• Youth/Young Adult - 209
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“Success Story”
Edward was 24 years old when he entered our program in 2021. He was extremely interested in participating in a carpentry training program. Edward was eager to learn the necessary trade skills of carpentry so that he could own his own business within the construction world in the future. Edward participated in carpentry training and the NCCER Core training classes. He completed both programs and received his NCCER certification in July 2021. During his time in the program, Edward also attended a rehabilitation center to help assist him with some challenges he was experiencing in his personal life.
After completing his training, we were able to provide a work experience (WEX) opportunity with Women Who Work Corporation as a general laborer helper to receive some hands-on experience. Currently, Edward is working at a construction site, enhancing his knowledge, and receiving the experience needed to become a better carpenter.
Virginia Career Works is an equal opportunity program. Auxiliary aids are available on request. TDD: VA Relay Center: 711 or 800.828.1120. This report and programs described herein are fully funded using grant funds made available under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act by a 4.6 million dollar award from the US Department of Labor.
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Total Active Customers Served: December 2021 • Adult Program – 337
everyone I was able to enroll for
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