Businesses are the backbone of a growing economy. Our network provides local businesses the essential services to support their workforce needs, as well as a variety of related resources at no cost. We offer services such as labor market information, recruiting & screening, employee development, and consulting services. View more information below about the services we offer and learn how our Business Solutions Team can help you and all local businesses in our region.


Obtain the workforce talent you need, when you need it. We focus on advertising job openings, screening applicants, and conducting recruitment events so that you can focus on building your business. Learn more below.


Train and retain is the game! We can train current employees, assess skills needs, and even work to build a trained pool of potential employees that are ideal for your business. Learn more below.

Proud Partner with Network2WorkRVA

Network2WorkRVA is a program that connects employers
to job seekers who have the skills and resources needed
to fill vital roles within your company.

There are many benefits to becoming a Network2Work
employer, and they all come at absolutely no cost. There
is no contract or fee to be a part of this program. Upon
becoming part of the network, we will:
• Recruit job seekers with the proper training and
certifications to meet your needs.
• Connect you with qualified candidates who have
acquired the necessary job skills and are committed
to a pathway of success.
• Provide each job seeker with the skills and resources
needed to be a successful employee.
• Follow up with continued support for both the
employer and job seeker, to ensure a smooth


Labor Market Information

We can provide you with local labor market information to help guide you in your business decisions. We can also provide community profiles, industry profiles, and occupational pay ranges.

Outplacement Assistance

We assist businesses that are downsizing due to economic factors or other circumstances. In partnership with the regional Rapid Response, we can meet with you and your management team to develop a workforce reduction plan that minimizes impact on employees and business reputation. Then, we can bring in a team of workforce professionals to meet with the dislocated employees and guide them through the next steps. We cover topics like unemployment insurance, health insurance, free community services, and how to quickly find a new job.

Consultation Services

Tap into the experience that comes from working with hundreds of businesses every year. We can meet with you and visit your site to figure out new solutions to your workforce challenges. We provide entrepreneurs and businesses the information and resources needed to enhance business performance.

Tax and Financial Incentive Services

There are numerous federal and state tax incentives and grants. We’ll help you locate and apply for them. We also can connect you with local, regional, and state economic development as appropriate to utilize their services and incentives too.

Contact our Business Solutions Team to get started.